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I’ve worked with anything for many years, and they are my (and many others’) developer of choice.

Their ability to translate digital dialect into a simple language, their attention to detail, and their ability to solve problems creatively sets them apart from so many others. But most of all, they never say ‘no’. There’s always a way with anything, and it seems that they’ll stop at nothing to make a project as good as it possibly can be. You’re always looking for partners to take a project and add something to it, and there’s absolutely no doubt that when you work with anything every project just gets better.

Adam Rix Creative Director, Music


Ten things you need to know about Music

As one of Manchester’s most celebrated creative agencies, Music gave anything the brief of building a equally creative website. In an industry where so many websites follow the same predictable formula, we developed Music’s thought of “10 things you need to know…” into a single scrolling page that pushed the boundaries from both a technical and design perspective.

We incorporated a text mask over Music’s showreel to give viewers a glimpse of what they have to offer, with the full screen being revealed as you scroll down through the site. A touch of theatre to introduce their eye-catching design work.

anything but ordinary results

  • Big Chip Awards 2015 winner Best Use of Visual Design - Gold

  • Roses Creative Awards 2015 winner Website - Bronze

  • CSS Awards January 2015 Site of the Day

We wanted each of the 10 sections to work in its own unique way, so we used a variety of interactive techniques to bring them to life. The traditionally dull ‘ Meet the Team’ section was replaced with a series of tiled music singles. As you moved the cursor over them, they flipped to reveal (or expose) who had bought that song as their first piece of music.

Other sections included a video gallery to display their eye-catching work for the British Fashion Council, while a detailed Case Study was a more effective way of celebrating Music’s decade-long partnership with MCFC.

With so many techniques incorporated into a single page, it was essential for us to make sure the site worked seamlessly across all platforms. Analytics revealed that 60% of visits came from tablets and mobiles, so we spent a huge amount of time painstakingly ensuring that everything was perfect. So whoever was visiting, wherever they were, Music’s website hit all the right notes.

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